Friday, 18 February 2011


Apologies in advance for any typos!

A book you say???

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in forever!

Being at University really takes up a lot of my head time. That is the time I have to devote to thinking about what I should do.

I handed in my Dissertation this year (I got a First huzzah) so I've been very occupied with that.
I've been feeling so much pressure to get published and get 'out there' when most of the time I like to just keep on writing away in my notebooks. But that is the key - as long as you are writing something I think that's moving in the right direction.

So what have I been writing?


1. A book on Creative Writing (Tell you more when I can)
2. A Collection of Poetry about London
3. Assignments
4. Articles

I'm VERY excited about the book, VERY.

If it is successful I will have to write a LOT more on this blog :]

Alos, check out my website - I'm changing it to my personal site so keep watching it for updates and info!

And keep writing!

Monday, 19 July 2010


Firstly I haven't forgotten to write the review of Chill Pill and the Poetry on the Underground recital at St Giles (what a mouthful) but I've been too busy relaxing and enjoying myself!!

Now I'm back at work of sorts. Well, I'm currently interning at The Poetry School learning more about the 'industry'. The Poetry School is known for its excellent poetry workshops and current poetry tutors.The new Government in Britain is really stripping a lot of financial backing from the Arts so I thought it would be good to really see how these companies survive. Right now I'm in a quiet sunny office helping to develop web content and really just experiencing a good example of the the money side to poetry. Enjoying it so far, but it is my first day mwahahaha...

I'm also interning at the Barbican Library 3 days a week doing the Summer Reading Challenge with kids form all over london, so adults/kids the ratio is just as I like it really :]

The book I'm really getting into at the moment is 'Emergency Kit - Poems for strange times' They I don't know jsut nag you and poke you when you read them. They really are strange and with the amount of changes that are going on around me the book just 'fits' with me somehow. I highly recommend it. Also check my refernce website for more book suggestions...

Poetry is such a windy road and from what I'm learning you have to have soo much behind you before you can move forward - publications, refernces and generally an amazing standard of work. Primarily a page poet I can't escape form the obvious sign post that reads 'Spoken Word'. The amount of work it takes for a publishing house to even 'get' your poetry is daunting at best, but with spoken word it's out there - whether you like it or not. But that's the thing - you have to like it...

We'll see.


Thursday, 3 June 2010


Spoken Word. What first comes to mind?

I will be putting up my review of Chill Pill - a Spoken Word Open Mic Event hosted by Raymond Antrobus, Mista Gee and many others.

Performances at the event were fast paced and genuine. I was at the Launch of the event held at Scream Bar off Brick Lane every Tuesday from 7pm. Write up coming soon with some excellent lines from the performers.

Peace, L

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Been looking at The Poetry Library, Udderbelly and other poet's work this morning
and I find myself feeling intimidated. Other people's material seems to surpass mine, and I feel so far from the goal, in fact what is my goal?? This can only mean one thing, get the notebook out.

I think one of the best things you can do as a writer is keep on recording your ideas and thoughts - positive, negative, explicit, whatever. Many a time I've thought "I can't see it's dark, my iphone is going to hurt my eyes/this is too weird.. blah blah blah," and I haven't recorded an idea or sentence.

I don't know if anyone else out there has this dilemma, but if we are to grow as writers I think those half asleep, making -no-sense ideas are some of the best. The way a thought or image can grow into a poem or short story even, is such a rewarding process. I think this week I will write a few on here... stay attuned


Wednesday, 26 May 2010



The Sun caressing my hair,

Like golden waves shaping the sand

Slowly I c…

That was a joke, that is not the sort of poetry I write. This is the sort of poetry I write :]


The laptop hums

the iPhone beeps

a pager cries softly in the drawer as it sleeps.

© Lauren Lucien 2009

More to come, and more literary adventures to be shared…

Selah, L