Friday, 18 February 2011


Apologies in advance for any typos!

A book you say???

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in forever!

Being at University really takes up a lot of my head time. That is the time I have to devote to thinking about what I should do.

I handed in my Dissertation this year (I got a First huzzah) so I've been very occupied with that.
I've been feeling so much pressure to get published and get 'out there' when most of the time I like to just keep on writing away in my notebooks. But that is the key - as long as you are writing something I think that's moving in the right direction.

So what have I been writing?


1. A book on Creative Writing (Tell you more when I can)
2. A Collection of Poetry about London
3. Assignments
4. Articles

I'm VERY excited about the book, VERY.

If it is successful I will have to write a LOT more on this blog :]

Alos, check out my website - I'm changing it to my personal site so keep watching it for updates and info!

And keep writing!